Individual Tax Prep FAQS

Q. How much does it cost to file my taxes?
A. Depends on filing status, income, dependents and other factors. For a quick and personalized quote, contact TJP Accounting.

Q. Where can I get tax preparation help?
A. Appointments can be held remote via video conference or in person at your place of choosing. TJP Accounting can travel for in person meetings all over Northeast Ohio.

Q. Are you a tax professional?
A. TJP Accounting is a professional tax preparation service for individuals and small businesses. It is not a CPA firm or Enrolled Agent, but with years of experience and secondary degrees in accounting rest assured we will maximize your refund.

Q. What documents do I need to bring?
A. Find a pre-appointment checklist for items needed to file taxes here.

Q. Who can I claim as a dependent?
A. Each situation is different and different criteria may apply depending on the relationship and circumstances. TJP Accounting will ask these kinds of questions to make sure we maximize your refund before we file.

Q. I have childcare expenses/unreimbursed receipts/gambling losses/realized gains/loss from sale of stock/cryptocurrency. Can you help with these?
A. TJP Accounting can assist with all types of forms, income and deductions. Contact us today with any questions and get a free consultation.

Q. I received an IRS Letter/Form XXXX in the mail. Can you represent me?
A. Only enrolled agents or CPAs are free to represent clients regarding tax issues with the IRS. However, TJP Accounting strives to serve and not all IRS correspondence obligates representation. Please call TJP Accounting for more information for your specific case.

Q. Can I get an advance on my tax refund?
A. TJP Accounting does not offer refund advances at this time. Check back frequently for an update.

Q. How do I know my information is secure?
A. TJP Accounting only uses encrypted communication and a portal on the website for customers to submit documents securely.

Q. Do I pay up front?
A. We focus on helping everyone so while we won’t be able to file taxes for free, we work with you to make sure you can get them done at an affordable price. Call TJP for inquires.